Washington Monument during sunset.

Named for one of the greatest statemen in history, this three-year fellowship is designed to prepare outstanding Hillsdale College undergraduate students of all majors for careers in public affairs modeled on the statesmanship and constitutionalism of Anglo-American civilization. In addition to the student’s major, the Fellowship requires courses on history and political thought, with an emphasis on international politics and military history. Fellows will examine the perennial questions of war and peace and the challenges of each in the modern world.

Participation during an academic semester in the Washington-Hillsdale Internship Program at the Hillsdale Washington, D.C. campus is required. Award of a Fellowship secures acceptance into the WHIP program. 

The Fellowship has four components:

Additional curriculum focusing on American international politics and military history

Discussions with visiting scholars

Research and writing projects that serve as preparation for civic deliberation

Participation in WHIP during an academic semester


All Hillsdale College students are required to take:

In addition to these, Churchill Fellows will take the following courses:

Further, Fellows will take one of the following courses:

  • History 370 — War in World History I 
  • History 370 — War in World History II 
  • History 370 — War in World History III
  • Politics 319 — War and the Modern State
  • Politics 393 — Justice Among Nations

And, additionally, one of the following:

  • History 468 — American Military History to 1914
  • History 469 — American Military History since 1914
  • History 470 — World War I
  • History 471 — World War II
  • History 421 — International Politics

Please refer to the Hillsdale College Catalog for additional course information.

Selection Process

Students of any major who are interested in the Fellowship may apply during the fall semester of their sophomore year. Applications are evaluated by a faculty selection committee. Selection is based on three criteria:

  • Outstanding academic achievement and dedication to scholarly excellence
  • Initiative and leadership in extracurricular activities relating to civic life
  • Demonstrated interest in public affairs and public service

How to Apply


Students must submit the following items with their application:

  • A resume
  • A three-to four-page writing sample from a paper submitted during the student’s freshman year
  • One letter of recommendation from a Hillsdale College faculty member
  •  A 500-750 word biographical and personal statement that addresses the subjects and areas of public affairs you are interested in pursuing and how a Fellowship would prepare you for a career in public life

Additionally, applicants must have a freshman GPA of 3.5 or higher. A cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater is required for maintenance of the scholarship.

Qualified candidates will proceed to the interview stage, which will take place during the fall semester. Students should be prepared to discuss various points in their resume, coursework, and paper submissions.

Applications are due on Friday, October 13, 2023. A faculty selection committee headed by Dr. Matthew Spalding will evaluate applications and conduct professional interviews of invited applicants in early October.

Please email Colin M. Brown ([email protected]) with questions regarding either Fellowship, or contact Mary Greco ([email protected]) with questions about the WHIP program in Washington, D.C.


NOTE: There is one application for both the George Washington and Winston Churchill Fellowships. Students who apply for one fellowship may be considered for the other.