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  • Connect with Hillsdale in D.C. at [email protected] to introduce yourself and learn about the different ways you can join the Hillsdale in D.C. Alumni network
  • Receive invitations to exclusive alumni gatherings including social events and professional development seminars
  • Join us for Hillsdale in D.C.’s numerous public events and lectures including: Washington & Lincoln Toast (Spring), Summer Alumni BBQ, and our Annual Christmas Party
  • Attend professional development programming that focuses on a variety of topics including personal finance, the art of negotiation, careers in politics panels, networking, and more.
Four students conversing in front of the White House.

Hundreds of Hillsdale graduates work in diverse professional fields in the D.C. area, contributing to a vibrant alumni community. Our graduates are always eager to share their experiences with current students and other alumni and help them network in a city built on connections. The Kirby Center helps foster those connections through its lectures and programs as well as alumni networking events. Regardless of where you live or work, we invite all Hillsdale alumni to be a part of this unique network.

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