Several Kirby Center event participants conversing with Dr. Larry Arnn.

Hillsdale College’s James Madison Fellows Program has one agenda: to engage in the lifelong study of the foundational principles of politics and come to understand their meaning and application in today’s world. It’s a welcome step back from the daily fire drill that is often professional life in the nation’s capital.

Madison Fellows meet regularly in off-the-record luncheon seminars and evening salons at our D.C. campus and around town. The setting is relaxed and convivial; the discussions, led by Hillsdale faculty and distinguished friends, are intense and thought-provoking. Madison Fellows are focused on ideas, but intent on the actions necessary to perpetuate free government.

The Madison Fellows program is open by competitive application to mid-to-senior-level professionals working in and around government who are seeking to influence national politics on the most important questions. Membership is ongoing and without charge.