Several Kirby Center event participants conversing with Dr. Larry Arnn.

The Madison Fellowship is a ten-month long educational program for serious professionals who want both a deeper understanding of our current political predicament and a sharper view of what is needed to revitalize our American republic.

Madison Fellows meet about once a month in off-the-record evening salons at the Hillsdale in DC Campus, for frank discussion and study of the central threats confronting the country. The setting is relaxed and convivial; the discussions are intense and thought-provoking. It’s a welcome step back from the daily fire drill—and willful ignorance—that is too often professional life in our nation’s capital.

Having completed the ten-month long program, the new Madison Fellows will join the extensive and growing network of Hillsdale program alumni actively committed to restoring American self-government.

If you have a passion for returning America to its constitutional roots and desire to learn more about this unique intellectual community, we invite you to complete an application. Applications for the fellowship Class of 2024-2025 are due by Monday, July 8th, 2024. Learn how to apply here.

Curriculum Overview

After an initial weekend of fellowship and conversation focused on an assessment of the current American regime - in relation to the principles and practices of the Founders’ republic, Fellows then meet for ten sessions throughout the year with Hillsdale faculty and distinguished guests, and will discuss and think through the great questions confronting our country. See session dates.
These challenges include race and wokeness, radical feminism, the rolling sexual revolution, immigration and demographic manipulation, the Deep State, Big Tech and censorship, and federal encroachment of state power. Our purpose is to understand these grave challenges and, in light of fundamental principles, to deliberate candidly and with bold prudence about the future of our country.
All sessions will be private and off-the-record. For each session, fellows will receive key primary documents and contemporary readings (roughly 25 pages) along with discussion questions. Regular sessions will occur about once a month on weeknights starting with hospitality at 6:30 pm in the library of the Hillsdale College Washington D.C. campus facility on Capitol Hill.