Keith Manuel

Position: Facilities Coordinator

Keith Manuel is the Facilities Coordinator for Hillsdale College in D.C.  He is in charge of all facilities and infrastructure, along with assisting operations, security, and maintenance.

Keith grew up in a large family in Chicago, where working alongside his family in their business, Keith was taught his core values of dedication to one's country and its people.  These core values translated well to his time in the Navy, where as a Master at Arms, he provided security and training at Naval Submarine Base New London and MCSFBN at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay.  He is a third generation service member.

Additionally, Keith remains steadfast in his commitment to defend the Constitution of the United States, and to supporting his brothers at arms.  Keith loves spending time with his family and his dog Loki, and continuing to hone his skills as a marksman whenever he gets the chance.