Christopher N. Malagisi

Executive Director of Outreach

Christopher N. Malagisi leads and manages outreach efforts with key institutions, organizations, and leaders nationwide to advance the mission of Hillsdale College. He most recently served as editor-in-chief of the Conservative Book Club (Salem Media Group), hosted its flagship podcast on the Ricochet Audio Network, and was a weekly contributor on The Mike Gallagher Radio Show. He previously served as CPAC director and director of External Relations for the American Conservative Union, was director of Political and New Media Training at The Leadership Institute, and was an adjunct instructor for six years at American University.

Christopher received his master of public administration degree from Syracuse University and a dual B.A. from American University in political science and the Communications, Law, Economics, and Government Interdisciplinary Program. Additionally, he has completed fellowships with the Claremont Institute (Lincoln), National Review Institute, Liberty Fund, Hertog Foundation, and the Hoover Institute at Stanford University.

He has been a guest analyst on Fox News, C-SPAN, and several talk radio shows, and his written work has been published in over two dozen publications. He was recently awarded America’s Future Foundation’s William F. Buckley Jr. Leadership Award for significant achievements in advancing conservatism, and was recognized as a “DC Mover & Shaker” in Campaigns & Elections magazine. Additionally, he is a political columnist at, a coalition member of the Conservative Action Project, and a member and former trustee of The Philadelphia Society. Originally from Buffalo, New York, he has sailed around the world and has visited over 40 countries.